N 152/01


IP Control Center

Visualisation controller for full-graphic visualizations on web-compatible end devices such as PCs, tablets and smart phones with a standard web browser.
For communication between KNX devices and PCs and, in connection with a LAN-/WLAN modem or DSL router, for remote access to a KNX installation, for usage as an interface for the ETS 3/4/5 and as an interface for a visualization, with usage of the KNXnet/IP protocol, with the following simultaneously usable functions:

  • Web server for operating and monitoring up to 1250 statuses and values transmitted by the KNX network, which can be displayed using a standard browser on PCs, tablets, or smartphones connected to the IP network
  • Special web page for firmware upgrade
  • Graphical web editor for a creation of fully graphical visualization with control and display elements, configurable in various styles
  • Smart editor for the creation of a visualisation, tuned for mobile browsers, smartphones, tablets with control and display elements, configurable in various styles and layouts
  • Annual timer, with astronomical calendar, for 300 time switch schedules with up to 30 time switch commands per time switch schedule
  • Scene module with up to 5000 scenes or events
  • Chart module for recording and reporting of up to 10 data points
  • Monitoring module for monitoring and storage of up to 1000 events into a ring buffer
  • IP interface for control of up to 20 IP-devices via up to 20 TCP/UDP commands per IP-device
  • Fully graphical logic module with up to 1000 logic functions
  • Alarm function for up to 250 different alarms
  • E-mail function, with up to 20 contacts, for transmission of chart data from chart module, logged data from monitoring module or alarm data
  • Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbits/s with RJ45 socket for connection to the IP network using the Internet Protocol
  • 2 LED displays for IP connection/communication and for error messages
  • Integrated bus connector and bus terminal for connection to a KNX network
  • Power supply of the electronics by an external voltage source for DC 24 V, 50 mA
  • Series installation device for mounting on support rails TH35 DIN EN 60715


Technical Specifications

Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)
4 MW


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