UP 562/31


Switch actuator, 2 x AC 230 V, 6 A; 2 x binary input

  • Two potential-free relay contacts as switching elements
  • Contact rated operational voltage AC 230 V
  • Contact rated current 6 A at p.f. = 1
  • Outputs to be configured as NO or NC contact
  • Selectable switching state at bus voltage failure and recovery
  • Switching status objects
  • Selectable additional functions:
  • ON / OFF – delay
  • Time-switch
  • Logic operation
  • Forced position
  • Blocking object for each output
  • 2 binary inputs for potential-free contacts
  • Selectable function of the binary inputs: acting as secondary inputs directly on the switching outputs or acting as independant binary inputs with bus communication
  • Free allocation of the functions switching, dimming, solar protection control, send value and scene control to the inputs
  • Two independent switching objects per input
  • Blocking object for each input
  • Separately selectable behaviour per input at bus voltage recovery
  • Telegram rate limitation for both inputs
  • With about 20 cm long wires for connecting phase conductor, outputs, inputs and bus
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Enclosed bus terminal for bus connection
  • Installation in a flush-mounting wall or ceiling box with 60 mm diameter


A6V10416566_Switch Actuator UP 511_10_en



Technical Specifications
Dimension (Ø x H)
53 x 28 mm


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