RL 521/23


Shutter Blind Actuator, 2 x AC 230 V, 6 A

  • 2 channels
  • Electrically interlocked relays to reverse the direction of rotation
  • Integrated electronics for detection of the actuation of an electromechanical limit switch and with auto-calibration of the travel time from one limit switch to the other
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling units, bus connection via bus terminal
  • Type of protection: IP 20
  • For the separate control per actuator channel of a sun protection‚ damper‚ door or window drive with a motor for AC 230 V and electromechanical limit switches
  • Screw-less terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core‚ stranded or multi-core conductors‚ 0.5 … 2.5 mm2
  • For mounting in AP 118 automation module box or AP 641 room control box

Additional functionalities GAMMA

  • Communication objects per actuator channel for moving the sun protection to limit positions or to stop travel and for step-by-step adjustment of blind slats
  • Communication objects for moving the sun protection and adjusting blind slats directly to a new position by positioning commands as percentage values
  • Automatic opening of blind slats up to a set position after the blinds have been lowered without any stop from upper to lower limit position
  • Integrated 1-bit scene control for programming/recalling of 2 favored positions of blind and slats
  • Integrated 8-bit scene control and assignment of up to 8 scenes per channel
  • An optional object “Sunshine” for activation/deactivation of sunlight tracking of the slats for shading with greatest possible daylight component
  • Differentiation between automatic and manual mode and with automatic switch-over from automatic to manual mode of the respective actuator channel on activation of a bus pushbutton for manual control of the sun blind
  • Priority of manual mode over automatic positioning commands
  • Optional central command object for switching-over of all actuator channels to automatic mode and for moving the sun blinds to the upper or lower limit position
  • Alarm object wind/rain/frost per channel for moving the sun protection to the configured safety position in the event of an alarm and with blocking of travel to another position as long as alarm pending
  • Travel blocking object per device or per channel for blocking the sun protection in its current position (e.g. during cleaning of an outdoor Venetian blind)
  • Status objects per actuator channel for query or automatic transmission of sun blind and slat position as percentage values
  • Optional status objects for signalling that the lower or upper limit position has been reached

Additional info

The AP 641 room control box and AP 118 automation module box must be ordered separately.
See chapter Modular Installation System – Room control box – Module boxes.


Technical Specifications

Rated voltage
AC 230 V
Rated current
6 A
Number of channels
Sun position tracking
Automatic detection of end positions
Wind alarm
Dimensions (W x H x D)
47,8 x 86,5 x 36,2 mm


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