UP 258E22


Presence detector / Motion detector with constant light level control

Passive infrared detector for ceiling mounting indoors

  • Optional blinding of parts of the detection area
  • Mixed light measurement
  • Cyclical sending or sending on change of value of the measured brightness value (Lux)
  • Integrated two-position controller
  • Constant light level control for a main group of luminaries and up to four additional groups of luminaries
  • Lighting control configurable as fully automatic or semi-automatic
  • Motion detection for three function blocks (presence detector, motion detector, and HVAC detector)
  • 2 per function block selectable functions (A, B) on start of the presence detection and two per function block selectable functions (C, D) on expiration of the presence detection
  • Configurable delay of 0…255 seconds between sending of function A and B respectively C and D
  • Selection per function (A, B, C, D) switching On/Off, 8-bit value, selectable 8-bit value, 16-bit value, temperature value, brightness value, 8-bit scene control
  • Blocking object per function block
  • Per function block configurable overshoot time, in each case configurable as a fixed time, as switchable between two times via the bus, or settable to a value via the bus
  • Parallel operation of several presence detectors (master-slave, master-master) without additional logic module
  • Integrated IR receiver and IR decoder for IR remote controls with six pairs of pushbuttons
  • Functions of the IR remote control selectable per pair of pushbuttons or per each single pushbutton of a button pair
  • Per pushbutton selectable function toggle, switching on, switching off, 8-bit scene recall, 8-bit value, 16-bit value, temperature value, brightness value
  • For each pair of pushbuttons selectable function switching On/Off, 2-button dimming with stop telegram, 2-button solar protection control, variable 8-bit value, 8-bit scene control
  • Blocking object for IR decoder
  • Test mode for easy start-up
  • LED for display of detected movements in test mode, to be configured using ETS
  • Integrated bus coupling unit, bus connection via bus terminal, Power supply over the bus line
  • Ceiling mounting on a flush-mounting box with 60 mm diameter and min. 40 mm depth or in a housing for surface-mounting (to be ordered separately)
  • Monitoring motion range horizontal 360°, vertical approx. 105°
  • Monitoring motion of an area of diameter 8 m (depending on mounting/room height)


A6V10489489_Presence Detector Constant Controller UP 258E22 _en


Technical Specifications

Sensing range
6 m
Constant light level control
Brightness-dependent switching


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